ClubHouse27: gastronomy committed to the environmentreserva

You already know that at ClubHouse27 we like to be attentive to everything that happens around us. We believe that it is the best way to integrate even more into this wonderful Mediterranean environment and to try to satisfy the needs of its people with our gastronomic offer and accommodation.


New recycling projects, ecological products, collaborative economy … are increasingly common concepts in a society that needs to evolve so as not to destroy its green landscapes at an accelerated pace. At ClubHouse27, without taking it as an obligation or as a simple posture that is fashionable, environmental sensitivity is fully integrated into our way of being. That is how we understand it. And so we do from the first day.

Good food, good people, we like to say. Because, effectively, good food leads us to be better people. People with healthy habits who know how to enjoy gastronomy in good company.

Thus, while others compete to see who has the lowest prices in exchange for belittling quality, at ClubHouse27 we work so that you pay the fair price for dishes made with excellent products and, very importantly, zero kilometers. Ingredients pampered by small producers in the area who grow and enrich the territory.

Caring for this productive and vital circle is part of our business commitment. And, of course, we like to reflect it in our cuisine. Cooking from the heart is the small contribution of ClubHouse27 to generate health and happiness. That is why our fusion menu -with several dishes from around the world and a special Asian influence- praises organic food and is based on the precepts of the slow food philosophy.

What is the use of offering vegetarian dishes if we buy them from companies that, in exchange for increasing their profits by a small percentage, are willing to neglect the protection of the environment and make unfair competition to local farmers? For us, very little.

At ClubHouse27 we want to be at the forefront of the market cuisine, yes. But we want to do it with sustainable products of ecological origin, such as vegetables from our own garden, local wines or fair trade coffee. And not only that: we also implement our philosophy beyond the letter. Recycled paper tablecloths or sustainable water bottles are a good example of this.

There is nothing that makes us happier than being able to share our gastronomic experience with you. For some, perhaps, it’s just a restaurant. For us, convinced, a lifestyle committed to its reality.