Brunch Sundaysreserva

brunch-garrafBrunch everyone likes. For some years, this trend has grown to become popular, increasing the attractiveness of Sundays. A brunch in the sun in a relaxed atmosphere with friends, couple or family is a great experience that satisfies everyone. And if it is in the idyllic surroundings of Garraf, even better.

Sweet and salty. Eggs, pancakes, fruit, salads, cakes, juices, coffee … lots of good foods have a brunch. The word comes from the union of breakfast (English word meaning breakfast) with lunch (English word meaning food). That is, a late breakfast or an early meal. That’s why it’s perfect for Sunday, a day when we usually get up later, get together with our people and take things easy.

Its origin dates back to the late 1800s in England. The brunch was born among the British upper class, when on Sundays many of these families used to give the day off to the servants, who, in the morning, prepared a buffet that included breakfast and food dishes, and from which their bosses could be served throughout the day.

At ClubHouse 27 every Sunday we offer a brunch in the heart of the Garraf, surrounded by nature and with a wide variety of products of proximity. As in the rest of our letter, we bet on healthier foods and a balanced diet. Our brunch is a perfect option for families, since children can enjoy a workshop and live music majors. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy it.