(ESP) Enoturismo, cultura y paisajereserva

la-cantina-de-viladellopsThe Cantina del Pueblo is not just a facility adapted to host celebrations and events. The People’s Cantina is an experience in itself. The facilities are located in a complex that includes the estate’s cellar (dated 1877): a museum that tells the story of the Desvalls family, one of the oldest in Catalonia (owner of the Viladellops estate); a hermitage of the XII century; a medieval tower, and a score of farmhouses that surround the site and that give the town the same atmosphere as a hundred years ago. The space has carefully preserved the landscape, the architecture and its surroundings.

The Cantina del Pueblo offers you a complete experience. On the one hand, you can try our wines; You can also participate in the process of caring for the vineyard and make a horse carriage ride through the vineyards of the property, to approximate the origin of the process. In parallel, you can discover small treasures such as the medieval hermitage and tower and, at the same time, visit the permanent exhibition Els Desvalls i Catalunya. A lignatge noble català in the història, a sample that interprets the history of Catalonia through more than 300 documents of the Desvalls family, among which are authentic pieces of historical and patrimonial interest, such as the one corresponding to the War of Succession of 1714

The use of our facilities offer a complete service for meals, parties and presentations. We have carried out some work to equip this space with the necessary services to achieve the highest demands of the groups.

The combination of history, landscape, nature, culture and wine tourism allows us to draw a journey through the origins of the leisure and services proposal adapted to the needs of greater commitment, the most developed palates and the most inspiring minds. 10 minutes from Vilafranca, 15 from Sitges and 45 from Barcelona, ​​the Cantina del Pueblo gathers in one and the same facility a proposal of sustainable tourism, integral leisure and full service.