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In the ClubHouse27 Restaurant, located in the middle of the Garraf Massif and only five minutes away from one of the most beautiful locations in the Mediterranean: Sitges, we have a fusion menu in which organic food and km0 stand out.

CH27_terrazaSince 2017 we are part of Slow Food Garraf-Penedès, an entity that was founded in 1989 to stop fast food and bad habits caused by the frenetic pace of life we ​​all have. Slow Food is also working to try to prevent the disappearance of local gastronomic traditions and combat the lack of general interest in the origins of our food tradition.

But we also offer a menu of world dishes, with special influence of Asian cuisine: Asian food is not only recognized for its ingredients or specialties but for the way of presenting their dishes, their types of dishes, the way of cooking and the way of eating The Asian diet covers Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Thai cuisine, and although all have their own brand, they share various characteristics such as the abundance of vegetables and rice, fish, vegetables and the little use of meats and sweets. In addition, they use many species that highlight flavors.

The way of cooking is also common in most regions with Asian cuisine. These are usually sauteed, stewed and steamed. All this to the detriment of frying, which is used in a few dishes. The great advantages of this type of food over Western food are clear: few carbohydrates and fewer sugars; less fat, high consumption of fish; abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, and few processed products.

At ClubHouse27 we also want to be at the forefront and grow every day by offering a selection of dishes created by our chefs and thus adapt to the wishes and special diets gluten, vegetarian and vegan of our customers and friends. We want to take a step forward by introducing more food from km 0, of ecological origin and sustainable products. Example of recycled paper tablecloths; sustainable water bottles; fair trade coffee; the selection of wines from the vineyards of the area; organic vegetables from our garden, and many other things that we invite you to discover.