The new trend farmhouses for weddings: farm weddingreserva

Organize your wedding in a farmhouse: farm wedding

Do you have wedding plans and would you like to celebrate it in a special place? Take note of the new trend of celebrations for weddings: the farms specially adapted to accommodate large groups. This is what is being imposed now in Catalonia and that includes an extended practice in other areas, such as French Provence or Italian Tuscany. A classic rustic style wedding is a farm wedding

Restaurants and hotels are the traditionally preferred spaces to host post-wedding parties, whether by the church or civilians. It has been a trend for decades, since this type of establishment is used to serving a large number of diners. But lately the tonic of renting houses to host this type of events is also being implemented. It is a way to bring a point of exclusivity, proximity and elegance to a celebration that, due to its characteristics, should be unforgettable.

Spaces adapted to organize weddings, events for groups ,corporate events or farm weddings.

The farms that host weddings are already adapted spaces to accommodate groups and meals for large numbers of people. On the one hand, they are buildings that have been conveniently restored and adapted to the needs of these celebrations. That is, they have kitchens where to prepare or accommodate meals, and also meeting rooms, which can then be adapted to the time of the dance or the orchestra, as the case may be. On the other hand, the parties in the farmhouses bring a character of exclusivity, since all present are attendees to the celebration and do not mingle with other audiences. This also avoids having to adapt with the musics, schedules and other elements of necessary coexistence when there are other groups outside.

There is still another element to consider, and this type of houses have bedrooms or rooms ideal for newlyweds or even other guests who attend outside.

Tradition and modernity: an important element in the organization of weddings in farmhouses

However, the main element to be highlighted is the elegance that these estates usually identify, in which the spaces present all kinds of details in which the authenticity of the tradition and history are combined with the comfort and the current design. The old and the new go hand in hand in facilities that drink the best of both options, which are fully complementary.

Four farmhouses near Sitges for farm weddings

The Club House 27 group has four spaces specially adapted for this type of establishment, all are in the surroundings of Sitges, in a rural setting, located in the middle of nature and surrounded by the vineyards that identify the Penedès.

Masia Pairal has 11 rooms, with 600 square meters interior and 4,000 exteriors.
Masia Cal Mingo has 9 rooms in 450 square meters interior and also 4,000 exteriors.
Masia Can Parés, with 10 rooms has 700 square meters interior and 20,000 exteriors.
La Cantina del Pueblo is the latest farmhouse incorporated into the catalog of Club House 27. It is located in Viladellops , in the middle of a medieval village and fully restored.

These four spaces combine the most exclusive comforts for their clients and are ideal spaces for weddings -or other types of events- that provide a unique exclusivity for a unique day.

Farms houses to rent near Sitges for weddings