Sant Pere de Ribes: the diamond to discoverreserva

A successful tourist slogan of the mid-nineties said that Sitges was the jewel of the Mediterranean. He did not lack reason. The cultural wealth, the culinary and hotel offer, and the postcard landscapes have made Sitges a reference destination throughout the world.

What is perhaps not so well known to the general public is the beautiful town of Sant Pere de Ribes, located right next to the Blanca Subur and protected by the top of Montgròs. Perfectly connected to Barcelona and Tarragona, Sant Pere de Ribes is a small diamond that synthesizes in the same color map the green and brown of the Penedès vineyards with the blue and white of a coastal town but with practically no access to the sea.

In this perfect combination is where Club House 27 and the rest of the company’s establishments are located. With a clear philosophy of respect for the environment, the gastronomic commitment of the house gathers the best ecological fruits of proximity and fuses them with recipes from all over the world. As the adventurer who navigates an ocean without borders but knowing at all times where their roots are.

Sant Pere de Ribes has an intense associative life. The cultural entities are the civic engine of a population that has several dates: its two major festivals (Sant Pau in January and Sant Pere in June), the Carnival (which is also lived intensely as in the rest of the region ), Holy Week (with its centennial caramelles), fairs of handicraft products or the new and successful contest dedicated to the Indians (the Catalans who made the Americas in search of wealth).

All this, without forgetting its architectural heritage: the ancient castle of Sota-ribes, the beautiful hermitage of Sant Pau, the church of Sant Pere with its two imposing bell towers and a long list of houses and sculptures of modernist inspiration. Culture and history in a village surrounded by forest and vegetation on all four sides.

Any time of year is ideal to visit Sant Pere de Ribes. And, once here, any time is ideal to make a small stop at Club House 27. The tranquility and elegance that best complement the jewel of the Mediterranean.

Sant pere de Ribes from Mont Gros, 2007